Jim Dix is a certified teacher of the Connected Voice™ method.

By studying with Jim, you will learn to sing in a relaxed and natural way that yields ever increasing power,
range, and expression, while alleviating strain. Areas of your vocal range which break, or are weak or
awkward, will become smooth, fluid, and strong. As these abilities are developed, you will learn how to
incorporate them into your own style and performance.


The passage below is Mary Walkley's message about the Connected Voice
( from her website, www.floridasings.com ).

What is the Connected Voice?

The Connected Voice is a method of training the voice that results in a beautiful sound that is produced effortlessly, a voice which never gets tired, and resonates with strength and beauty. It is developed through individual lessons and practice, and will continue to grow in character and beauty throughout your lifetime, although you will no doubt notice a positive change after only one lesson!

Over many years, Mary Walkley has developed her method of teaching, and continues to learn and grow and refine it by studying with some of the world's best teachers, dialoguing and conferring with colleagues, and working with students from all over the world. In 1991, she began a long-standing association with Seth Riggs, and rose to Level V in his organization, Speech Level Singing International, which is the highest level of teaching possible. In December of 2003, Mary resigned from that organization, in order to pursue new opportunities in the recording industry. Mary has also worked with, learned from, and been influenced by such fine teachers as Adrienne Angel, Leigh McRae, Robert Miller, Joan Lader, Randy Buescher, Nancy Dussault, Julien Stein, Mike and Jennifer Goodrich, Melissa Cross, and David Romano.

Your true voice will begin to develop when Mary shows you how to negotiate the "passage areas" or "passagi" by developing a blended sound, or "mix." As you work with her, she will show you how to free your vocal apparatus from extraneous musculature, how to use your breath correctly, and how to employ your natural resonances. She will teach you to use your singing voice very much like you use your speaking voice -- nothing tightens, strains, or pushes. You will gradually build strength, develop vibrato, and discover resonance as Mary guides you through the learning process in a private, supportive environment.

As you grow in this wonderful technique, Mary will help you apply what you are learning to songs. While you are learning to sing songs in your new technique, you will also be learning style and performance skills, in whichever area of music you wish to work. Mary's students have found success in all genres of the music industry: reggae, rock, pop, r&b, jazz, opera, country, blues, musical theatre, folk....the list goes on and on, and includes several American Idol finalists and many Broadway performers. This technique will support you no matter what style you wish to sing!

Mary can also help you if you are experiencing any problems with your voice. Over the years, many singers with problems have found solutions through The Connected Voice. Mary is one of the original members of the Florida Vocal Health Institute, which was founded by Tampa otolaryngologist Dr. Daniel Vincent, the mission of which is to promote vocal health through therapy and technique. Dr. Vincent regularly refers his patients to Mary for therapy through her voice technique.

So why not take the next step, and contact Mary? You too can take advantage of her knowledge, expertise, skills, experience, successes, and kind, patient guidance. You too can become The Connected Voice singer!