Vowel Power!

Hi everybody, I'm Jim Dix. I've recently had an opportunity to take some amazing voice lessons with some great teachers, and I want to share with you some stuff that I'm really excited about right now, and I'm enjoying a lot. This is in the field of what's called vowel tuning, or vowel shaping, and it has to do with the way that you adjust the shape of the inside of your mouth, your vocal tract, including your throat (what’s called the pharynx), to make your voice sound better, and “ring” better, particularly in upper registers. The harmonics work in such a way that closed vowels like EE don't sound very good on higher pitches.  

So I want to demonstrate what I mean. When you go up, you're going to want to open up the vowel sound. So here is the song Let It Be by the Beatles with a hard EE.  

(Sung demonstration) 

So that upper note - that the pitch doesn't even really want to know that vowel. It just doesn't work well. But if you open it up to “Bih” and then EE at the very end it works a lot better. 

(Sung demonstration) 

It's a subtle difference, but it does make a difference, and the whole thing just rings better and you get more sound with less effort. So I hope you are able to enjoy that too. Enjoy your musical life, enjoy your voice, and thank you for watching  

Jim Dix 


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