Quarantine Practice

Hi, everyone, this is Jim Dix here in my studio. And I just want to take a minute to throw something out here that may help you to leverage an opportunity that is, maybe well concealed in this adversity that we're going through right now.  

The thing is, most of us are not performing live as much as we were, if at all. And obviously, that's a certain set of challenges right there. But the thing is, for a lot of us live performance situations have elements that can invite bad vocal habits into your technique. So whether it's inadequate monitoring or moving around a lot on stage or just adrenaline or you know, stage fright or whatever. A lot of those things can cause tension, excess air pressure, things like that. And that gets reinforced with every live performance that you know, has those experiences.  

So, right now, most of us are just singing at home or at least in some way in controlled spaces. So it's an opportunity to really create, enhance and reinforce new vocal habits, better vocal habits, and new muscle memory that goes with that, that will not be contradicted by your live performance experience that may invite those bad vocal habits in.  

So I want to encourage everyone to take the opportunity and really get your practice routine down. Most of us have plenty of time right now. So get your technical exercises, get your routine down and establish a frequent, daily (ideally daily) practice schedule, and do your hour of practice or whatever amount of practice it is that's optimal for you. For most people, that's pretty close to about right. And engage your technique in a way that is going to enhance and improve your power and range and relaxation. And you'll have a better technique when you go back to the live stage and it'll be ingrained from all the practice that you did in your ideal environment. So that's about it. I just wanted to take that minute and highlight this opportunity and I want everybody to go out there and enjoy your voice. 

Jim Dix 


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